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If you were sexually abused as a child by a priest, deacon or any other member of the Catholic Church, you are not aloneWe are here to help you.  Please fill out our confidential online contact form or call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 and a South DakotaSexual Abuse Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your possible case.   Help is available nationwide.  There is no cost to investigate and there are no legal fees unless you receive financial compensation.  Making the call is sometimes the hardest step, but it is often a necessary step on the road to healing.  Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer South Dakota

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  • Hold the church and priests accountable
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  • Help with the road to recovery – settlement money can provide financial security for you.  It can also help pay for therapy, rehabilitation, and medical treatment

Please call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our confidential contact form and a lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your case.  South Dakota Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer South Dakota

Newly Installed Archbishop Hebda Works to Heal the Twin Cities

In 2015, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis filed bankruptcy in an effort to deal with a lawsuit filed by over 400 victims of sexual abuse. It was around that time that Archbishop Bernard Hebda was sent to the area to serve as a temporary administrator. What was supposed to be a short assignment turned into something more permanent when Pope Francis assigned Hebda to the Archdiocese. Since his Mass of Installation, he has been working to rebuild trust in the community and restore faith in the church.

South Dakota Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

From the beginning, Hebda has made a concerted effort to apologize for the past actions of the church and acknowledge wrongdoing. Just a couple months after becoming a permanent fixture at the diocese, he stood before the congregation and made a formal apology on behalf of the church while also referring to mishandling of the case of Curtis Wehmeyer, a priest who was accused of abusing three boys. Hebda has also been instrumental in developing and implementing a child protection system that will hopefully prevent abuse going forward.

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer South Dakota
While the Archdiocese will no longer be facing criminal charges, Hebda is now in charge of leading the church through the bankruptcy phase that is a part of responding to civil suits. During this challenging period, Hebda has worked to set a tone of forgiveness and gratitude. It remains to be seen how quickly the community will rebound from this painful period and whether they will once again return to the church as a source of comfort. However, it is clear that Hebda understands that it is up to him to bridge the gaps and work to heal deep wounds.

South Dakota Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer
So far, it looks like residents of the Twin Cities are responding well the Archbishop Hebda and he continues to have the support of the Vatican and he works to navigate new and sensitive territory. His arrival may have come at the perfect time. During his short tenure in the Archdiocese, his efforts have been applauded by the Ramsey County Attorney’s office for helping the church to make clear progress towards reaching a resolution and helping everyone move forward.
In the coming years, Hebda’s efforts may serve as an example to other communities who are also dealing with the aftermath of systemic sexual abuse. Hopefully, he is able to continue to lead the Twin Cities through this tumultuous period and help them successfully come out to the other side.
 Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer South Dakota