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Substance Abuse in Sexually Abused Children
The long-term impacts of childhood sexual abuse are far-reaching, from mental health conditions to physical health issues. Several research studies have established a substantial connection between addiction and child sexual abuse survivors, making it a high challenge for the lifelong treatment and support of people who were victims of this form of abuse.
There are numerous logical reasons victims of sexual abuse use drugs or alcohol within their lifetime. Survivors of sex abuse will often have low self-esteem and also carry tremendous shame, blame, and fearfulness related to their experience.

Priest Abuse Lawyer Ontario California

There is the matter of absence of aid for survivors, especially with the high number of criminals being in the immediate family of the sex abuse victim. Survivors of sexual abuse can turn to alcohol and drugs to numb the agony and to self-medicate against the unhappiness, stress and anxiety, PTSD, and other issues which may have developed resulting from the mistreatment. In other people, drug and alcohol abuse is used as a type of self-harm to punish themselves for the mislaid blame they feel at being a victim of abuse.

Priest Abuse Lawyer Ontario CA

Figures on Dependency and Child Sexual Abuse

Many different research has already been completed over time that show the heightened chance of addiction and substance abuse in sex abuse survivors. Look at the following statistics:

• 75% of ladies that are in addiction treatment programs have been victims of sex abuse
• Women who had been child sex abuse survivors are 3 x more likely to use drugs and alcohol
• Sexual abuse survivors have a 10 times enhanced probability of using hard drugs, other than cocaine

Even though these stats look at ladies and the risks of addiction, it's not necessarily a challenge which is limited to women. Nonetheless, young girls make up an overwhelming percentage of documented victims of childhood sexual abuse claims, and a lot of men never make known the abuse that they encountered.

Priest Abuse Lawyer Ontario California

Aside from the overall enhanced potential for chemical dependency, people who were sexually abused as children are also at a higher possibility of being revictimized. Studies show that that females have a much increased chance of becoming revictimized in their young adult years if they experienced sex abuse growing up, and the usage of alcohol and drugs can certainly contribute to their vulnerability.

Based upon this research, treatment for individuals that are dependent on drugs and alcohol really should be responsive to the truth of the effects of sex abuse. With the significant number of addicted people having been sufferers of abuse, a diverse treatment process is important to offer them the strongest chance at making a full recovery and keeping drug free.

Priest Abuse Lawyer Ontario CA

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