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If you were sexually abused as a child by a priest, deacon or any other member of the Catholic Church, you are not aloneWe are here to help you.  Please fill out our confidential online contact form or call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 and a Kentucky Sexual Abuse Lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your possible case.   Help is available nationwide.  There is no cost to investigate and there are no legal fees unless you receive financial compensation.  Making the call is sometimes the hardest step, but it is often a necessary step on the road to healing.  Church Sexual Assault Lawyer Kentucky

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Please call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our confidential contact form and a lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your case.  Kentucky Church Sexual Assault Lawyer

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Church Sexual Assault Lawyer Kentucky

Kentucky AG Asks Legislature for Authority to Investigate Catholic Church

Following on the heels of a Pennsylvanian grand jury report on sexual abuse of children at the hands of Catholic clergy, Kentucky AG Andy Beshear wants to proceed in the same manner. He is asking legislature to give his office permission to look into his state’s own four dioceses.

Kentucky Church Sexual Assault Lawyer

The news out of the Pennsylvanian grand jury report was horrific, stating that over 1,000 victims were sexually abused by more than 300 priests. The sexual abuse spanned years and the coverup started at the local level and went all the way up to the Vatican in some cases. Many of the abusers were not only allowed to continue, but oftentimes were even promoted in rank. Although there were over 1,000 victims in the report, investigators believe that number is much, much higher.

Church Sexual Assault Lawyer Kentucky

Kentucky has four dioceses and should the legislature give AG Beshear the go-ahead, he will head up the ninth such investigation by attorney’s general in the U.S. According to a spokesman for the AG’s office, survivors of the abuse have already reached out to their office.

What the Church Has to Fear

One of the issues at stake for the Catholic church is how they would move a priest they knew had committed crimes to another state to serve there. This crime falls under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) which states that those who have knowledge of a person committing a crime and assist them in doing that crime are guilty of a crime as well. This act was enacted by the 91st U.S. Congress in 1970. The racketeering offenses this act covers includes murder, gambling, kidnapping, arson, extortion, bribery, slavery, anything related to obscene matter, drugs, and more.

Kentucky Church Sexual Assault Lawyer

Although it is a Federal Act, 33 states have put in similar legislation of their own since that time.  Several weeks ago, one downtown Catholic church in Kentucky had protestors, consisting of sexual abuse victims and their supporters, protesting outside. As more and more Catholic churches become involved in the scandal, more awareness of the sexual abuse and coverup come out. At this point, the only way the church can truly move forward is to have full transparency and allow law enforcement to do their jobs. Kentucky’s AG is asking permission to do what the church should have allowed from the start. Although many Archdioceses say they are willing to work with law enforcement, for many parishioners, it’s too little too late.

Church Sexual Assault Lawyer Kentucky

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