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Clergy Abuse Arizona

Physical Effects of Child Sex Abuse
When thinking about the long-term effects of childhood sex abuse, the psychological and emotional repercussions are usually the most discussed. While the emotional stress experienced by those people who are survivors of sex abuse plays an important role in the chance of depressive disorders, anxiety, PTSD, as well as other mental health concerns, there's also physiological effects of the abuse that must be taken into account.

Clergy Abuse Arizona

Sex abuse has the capacity to influence every part of a child-emotionally, mentally, and physically. With the constant fight-or-flight response prevalent in victims of sexual abuse, there can be a huge physical toll on the body, leading to a larger possibility of sickness and health issues as the victim gets older. Often, these types of physical problems go hand-in-hand with the emotional effects of the abuse, which makes it important to present a multi-faceted form of treatment for survivors of childhood sex abuse.

Clergy Abuse Arizona

We have seen several research studies carried out in the last decade that look particularly at the physical toll that child sexual abuse has on individuals. While far more exploration is necessary, current info suggests that adult survivors of sexual abuse are at more significant risk for:

• Chronic Pain: Abdominal, neck, and pelvic pain were all increased in sexual abuse survivors. There was also a significant increase in risk for fibromyalgia as well as irritable bowel.

• Eating Disorders: Normally thought of as being linked to emotional disorders, development of an eating disorder could have a profound influence on the physical wellness of an individual. Sex abuse victims ended up being at a much greater risk of getting anorexia, bulimia, and even obesity as a result of compulsive eating.

Clergy Abuse Arizona

• Addiction: Addiction has always been known as the serious, long-term effect of sex abuse. Anxiety and depression all lead to the raised likelihood of addiction for sexual abuse victims, and many people try drugs and/or alcohol to get over the harmful emotions they go through.

• Severe Headaches: Sex abuse survivors are at an increased risk of serious, severe headaches. While you can find suspected biological causes for this, there may also be a strong link to emotional anxiety, stress, and depression.

• Serious Disease: Alarmingly, existing research is proposing that people who suffered sex abuse when they were young are at a higher chance for life-threatening medical conditions, including cancer, liver disease, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

While the research currently circulated shows a clear link between sexual abuse and long-term physical effects, it does not suggest that all survivors will go through these health issues. People who find themselves able to be supported in their quest towards healing and also have a regular network of emotional health assistance may be able to overcome a lot of the issues associated with the long-term physical effects of abuse.

Clergy Abuse Arizona

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