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Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino CA

Victim Blaming in Child Sex Abuse
The emotional effects of childhood sex abuse can certainly extend to all aspects of a victim’s daily life, and the issues that the abuse cause can last for an entire life. Probably the most conspicuous emotions experienced in somebody who has been a target of sexual abuse is disgrace. These feelings involving shame arises from many sources, but it's made much more painful by inadequate support during disclosure and the prevalence regarding “victim blaming”.

Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino CA

Victim blaming usually starts with the sex abuser, who uses blame in an effort to control the target to avoid her or him from revealing the abuse that is happening. With small children, this has a worsened effect due to their inclination to self-blame whenever negative circumstances take place within their lives. This tendency towards self-blame is also evident in other kinds of trauma, such as death of a loved one or perhaps the divorce of their mom and dad.

Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino California

Beyond the perpetrator’s impact as well as the self-blame experienced by child sex abuse victims, you will find a cultural feature to victim blaming. Whether other people surrounding the victims find fault with them for the way they dress, their behavior, or simply because they “enticed” the sex abuser, this society-wide tendency towards victim blaming can result in harmful consequences on the emotional and mental well-being of the victims.

Experts propose that this trend towards victim blaming is based in the feeling of control. Facing the reality of child sexual abuse can be extremely unpleasant and frightening to those who the victims divulge this information to. It may also seriously challenge their reality associated with family members or trustworthy adults that may be disclosed as involved in the abuse. These folks may turn around and blame the victims in order to find their own semblance of control inside the situation. This fear of victim blaming might also contribute to the lack of or postponement of disclosure for victims, as well as towards the significantly lower rates of abuse being documented to the police.

Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino CA

Whenever a victim is held responsible for the sexual abuse that they dealt with, their emotional and mental state can be seriously damaged. Generally, victims are likely to go through anxiety and depression disorders, as well as PTSD, because of the abuse, and being blamed for the sexual abuse can easily contribute to a downward mental spiral. In order to aid survivors and bring sex abusers to justice, there must be a societal shift in how survivors of child sex abuse are viewed, treated, and supported.

Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino CA

Priest Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino CA - Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyer San Bernardino California

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