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Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer AL

During the course of 2017, St, John’s Abbey in Collegeville Minnesota wrapped up seventeen litigation cases with sex abuse survivors against monks that had served with the abbey. St. John’s is among the biggest Benedictine monasteries and current details have revealed a record of abuse that expands back ages. There seemed to be an epidemic of abuse in the group that is coming to light as more men come forward with their own stories of abuse and pain. In 2016, a 15,000 page document detailed just who had been involved, the way the cover up was managed and also who was simply sent off to another location. Not too long ago, three more names of deceased men have been included.  In spite of an obvious pattern of abuse, St. John’s asserts that there have been zero incidents in the previous two decades. This obviously strain credulity. 

Church Sex Abuse Lawyer Alabama

The majority of the monks labeled have either passed on, quit the clergy or simply been constrained in their practices. The abbey appears to want people to believe that the problem wrapped up with the original monks who have been formally named, however there is no way to know exactly how many have been guilty of indecencies throughout the prolonged history of the abbey. As the Vatican starts to weigh in around the issue, it also becomes significantly more likely that leaders who have been personally associated with cover ups will be named and disciplined when possible. Regrettably, numerous instances go as far back as the 60s, which means that most of the involved parties have since passed on without ever being held accountable. 

Church Sex Abuse Lawyer Alabama

The papers that the church has put out reveal that leaders certainly overlooked early warning signs and did little to nothing to prohibit accused monks and priests of interacting with kids, traveling and belonging to the church. It is still uncertain how the inclusion of 3 more names to an increasing list will influence the abbey, the surrounding community, along with the church in general. Ideally, it will at the very least, trigger stricter oversight and reporting so that the church can be focused on prevention and not damage control.

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