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Priest Abuse Lawyer Detroit Michigan - List of Accused Priests

The Archdiocese of Detroit has released the following list of 92 names.

The following archdiocesan clergy have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

Cases Concluded

  • Robert Haener
  • Joseph Femminineo
  • Pat DeAngelo
  • Ralph Quane
  • Gary Schulte
  • Walter Lezuchowski
  • Albert Hillebrand
  • Dennis Laesch
  • Louis Grandpre
  • Lawrence Edwards
  • Robert Burkholder
  • Gary Bueche
  • Edmund Borycz
  • Timothy Murray
  • Gerald Vesnaugh
  • William Brennan
  • Loren O'Dea
  • Michael Malawy
  • C. Richard Kelly
  • Anthony Conti
  • Harold Depp

Priest Abuse Lawyer Detroit Michigan

Ronald Williams
James Wysocki
Frank Mullen, former deacon
Alfred Miller
Dennis Duggan
Peter Van der Linden
Joseph Sito
Timothy Szott
Robert Wyzgoski
Michael Daly
Jude Ellinghausen
Dennis Martell
Harry Benjamin
Richard Lauinger

Priest Abuse Lawyer Detroit Michigan

Religious Order and Other Dioceses

  • Donald Kurcz, OFM Cap
  • Robert Noel Brouillete, CFC
  • James Kurtz, SJ
  • John Edward Martin
  • William Cahill, SJ
  • James Wolf, OFM Cap
  • Robert Spangenberg, C.S.Sp.
  • Darius Wyszynski
  • Anthony Cipolla
  • Herbert Richey
  • Gary Berthiaume
  • John Powell, SJ
  • Francis Mary Sparacino, OFM Cap
  • Patrick McLaughlin, SJ
  • Gerald Smola, SJ
  • Chet Warren, OSFS
  • Art Cooney, OFM Cap
  • Donald J. O'Shaughnessy, SJ
  • Luis Javier de Alba Campos
  • Vincent Holden, CSP
  • Kenneth Stewart, OFM Cap
  • John Newton, CPPS
  • Dennis Mitchell, CSP
  • Mel Hermanns, OFM Cap
  • Ronald Yarrosh, PIME
  • Jim Moeglein, OSC
  • Joseph Smetana, OFM Cap
  • Hillary Zach, OFM Cap
  • John McManus, SS
  • Steven Henrich, OSC
  • Austin Schlaefer, OFM Cap
  • Thomas Johnston, OP
  • Jason Sigler
  • James Roth, OSFS
  • Chester Vincent Tomasewski
  • Richard T. Brown
  • Neil Kalina, PIME
  • Joseph Skelton
  • Robert Spader, OFM Cap
  • Bruce Maxwell, OSC
  • Wendelin Schafer, OFM Cap
  • Neil Emon, OSC
  • Edward Olszewski
  • Thomas O’Brien, OSC

Priest Abuse Lawyer Detroit Michigan

Deceased Priests

  • Lawrence Nawrocki
  • Gerald Shirilla
  • David West
  • Thomas Physician
  • Jan (John) Tyminski
  • Thaddeus Ozog
  • Thomas Cain
  • Arthur Michael Karey
  • Cases in Process
  • Lawrence Ventline
  • Eduard Perrone
  • Joseph (Jack) Baker
  • Patrick Casey
  • Robert Witkowski

Cases involving priests publicly named in civil investigations.

  • Patrick Casey
  • Neil Kalina
  • Lawrence Ventline
  • Joseph (Jack) Baker

Priest Abuse Lawyer Detroit Michigan

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