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Please call Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our confidential contact form and a lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your case.  Nebraska Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer Nebraska

Attorney General asks Nebraska dioceses for sex abuse records

In an ideal world, institutions who bear responsibility for harming children would take proactive steps to atone and protect victims, as soon as the truth became known to them. In the real world, that’s not always the case. The Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal has involved many church officials coming to the realization that sexual abuse was rife in their dioceses, and that their fellow clergy members helped cover it up. In some cases, those officials have taken the initiative to have investigations conducted and expose predators. In many more cases, the investigation in initiated from outside.

Nebraska Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

In September 2018, the attorney general of Nebraska announced their intention to pursue an investigation in to the state’s three Catholic dioceses. They contacted church leaders and requested records going back 40 years, to 1978. Law enforcement was interested in “diocesan investigations of claims of sexual exploitation, including incidents of child pornography or ‘sexual communication with another person given authority by the diocese to carry out church functions.’” In other words, if a clergy member, employee or volunteer had been accused of abuse, and the church had privately looked into it, the AG’s office would see the evidence.

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer Nebraska

Such records are crucial in exposing pedophiles in the church. In 2018 the state of Pennsylvania released a massive grand jury report detailing hundreds of sexual abuse allegations. Using internal church documents, they were able to show that church officials had known about accusations (or in some cases, confessions by the perpetrator to a colleague or counselor), failed to contact law enforcement, and in some cases, moved the person to another assignment or even recommended them for promotion.

Nebraska Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The release of this evidence about Pennsylvania spurred other states to launch their own probes. And with this new wave of concern about the issue, the era when sexual abuse accusations were an internal church matter may be coming to an end. The archbishop of Omaha has said that “We welcome accountability in our community. The truth is good for everyone. I see this as a real moment of grace.”

The AG’s office will search for prosecutable offenses and allow the church to take the steps it deems necessary for those cases that cannot be prosecuted.  Clergy’s cooperate attitude has not always been present in the state. reports that the diocese of Lincoln “declined to participate in an annual audit determining whether churches are compliant with church policies on sex abuse. The audit was conducted by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in the wake of the bombshell 2002 Boston Globe report on the issue. Former Lincoln Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz refused to participate, and the diocese at times was the only one in the country that did not submit to the audit.”

Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer Nebraska

If accusations emerge that are credible but cannot be prosecuted, church leaders in Nebraska also have the option to release a list of credibly accused priests, a step many other dioceses have taken.

Nebraska Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Lawyer

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