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Clergy Abuse Lawyer Illinois

In an almost inconceivable report, church leads in Pennsylvania were outed as covering up unimaginable crimes.  A grand jury has identified over 1,000 victims of sexual abuse at the hands of over 300 catholic priests.  While those numbers are likely to make you sick to your stomach, it gets worse.  The grand jury also went on to state that there are likely thousands more victims out there that haven’t come forward yet.  Why?  There is a lot of evidence that suggests coming forward and admitted that you were sexually abused is a very difficult, if not impossible endeavor.  For those that are able to muster up the courage, it often takes several decades to admit that the abuse occurred and identify your attacker.

Clergy Abuse Lawyer Illinois

This is not to say that the other victims that remain silent lack courage.  Quite the opposite.  It takes a lot of courage just to go on with your day to day life while you are suffering unimaginable pain. Knowledge of the sex crimes went all the way to the top.  The Vatican often times knew about the abuse, and failed to act appropriately.  Just imagine the scope of this scandal.  Pennsylvania alone has six Catholic dioceses in the state.  If thousands of kids were abused there, imagine the scale of these crimes and cover up nationwide?

Clergy Abuse Lawyer Illinois

For purposes of illustration, imagine each state had several thousand victims.  It is likely that highly populated states like California or Texas might have significantly higher numbers.  We are looking a sex crime scandal that may involve over 100,000 kids.  Imagine everyone in the city of Dayton Ohio was sexually abused?  That is the type of scale and scope we might be talking about.

The AG report is filled with stories that will make your stomach churn.  The one thing that really stands out is the pattern.  Church officials learn about an abusive priest and do little or nothing to stop it.  Often times the abuse continues for years and years.  In some cases, the Church merely moves the offending priest to another jurisdiction where he can prey on a new batch of kids.  Some say it’s hard to put yourself in the Church leader’s shoes.  It’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback and talk about how you would have handled the situation differently.  This argument is really falling on deaf ears.  People of good conscience protect children at all costs.  They don’t make excuses for cover ups.

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